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Bioma Token: Revolutionizing Conservation Efforts in the Amazon Biome

Bioma Token: Revolutionizing Conservation Efforts in the Amazon Biome

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 17th Feb 2024 – Bioma Token, a creative initiative in the DeFi world, utilises blockchain technology to establish a secure and transparent ecosystem. With a unique approach, the Bioma Token is establishing a new era of environmental conservation by dedicating one inch of forest per token, beginning with the foundation’s own permanent preservation areas. More than just a cryptocurrency, the Bioma Token is building unity between people worldwide and the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency world making a phenomenal move towards sustainability. 

Bioma EcoLodge Hotel: First and Only Crypto Eco Hotel 

The Bioma Eco Lodge focuses on sustainability by implementing the use of sustainably sourced local materials in building as well as waste management and renewable energy systems. To maintain exclusivity, the number of guests who can visit the Eco Hotel is limited.

NFT Experience at Bioma Eco Lodge

This creative project creates a strong bond between visitors and the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest that goes well beyond a normal visit. Every guest will have the unique chance to plant a tree and leave their unique mark on the environment, all of which will be painstakingly documented on the blockchain via a unique NFT. 


This can act as a digital demonstration of your commitment to forest preservation, every tree you plant becomes a distinct NFT with real-time updates and monitoring that is accessible to watch its progress and users can use their NFT to tell a compelling story about their involvement in forest conservation.


“We have the vision of setting the benchmark for forest preservation within the cryptocurrency realm, establishing a model to be followed and admired across the industry, our Eco Lodge has been one the examples of what our vision is. We also have plans for Bioma Blockchain as well as the Bioma Eco Tree project that would act as another step towards our commitment towards the sustainability of the Amazon Biome”, said Edson Gurgel, CEO & Founder of BIOMA ECO.


From Q1-2023, project evaluations were started, equipment for a live 24/7 broadcast of the forests was acquired, and a massive marketing effort that included traditional and internet media outlets was launched, laying the foundation for the project. 

The rest of 2023 saw a lot of progress as the Bioma Token Game’s iOS and Android versions were finished, and marketing video scripts showcasing the project’s features were created. Also, in Q4 of 2023, a contract with Exchange Bitcointoyou was signed, plans for a private pre-sale were made, the Bioma Ecolodge was opened, and on December 11th, the much-awaited Bioma Token pre-sale took place. With five million units available to the general public, the Bioma Token was launched in Q1 2024. The first lockup batch’s release in Q2 of 2024 predicts greater growth, bringing 5 Million more tokens to the market.


The aim for 2025 is the implementation of a robust DeFi platform that will empower Bioma Token investors to securely store their assets and receive a monthly income, underscoring the commitment to creating value and sustainability for the community.


With the launch of Bioma Ecolodge in 2023, BIOMA ECO has also been successful in forest reserve acquisition, geo reference for the reserve as well as local community integration which helps to preserve the rich customs and culture of the local populations. Also, establishing healthy relationships with nearby communities makes sure that BIOMA ECO have a beneficial impact on their well-being and the preservation of their way of life. BIOMA ECO also plans on launching the Bioma Blockchain soon.


The company’s commitment to sustainability can also be witnessed from the data from their Tokenomics, which shows around 1.5 Million tokens being reserved for their upcoming Bioma Eco Trees project.


Bioma Token: Revolutionizing Conservation Efforts in the Amazon Biome

Source: BIOMA Token Whitepaper


Learn more about the BIOMA Project:

More details about the project can be found on their website (https://www.bioma.eco) and their Twitter (https://twitter.com/Bioma_eco).

For in-depth information about the project, read the Whitepaper here.

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